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Mindful Mutations


"Sophie is helping me to overcome the borders of my body: I'm learning to look inside myself and open my eyes to the outside." 

Marko, Journalist

"Really nice session again, perfect for myself, who a) is self-conscious about correct form, and b)  has difficulty finding motivation to move."   

Eddie, Writer

"It felt like a wild a visceral journey throughout the hour -- being vulnerable enough to shed my fears of judgement and embrace the fierce and wild whole. Moving through this with guidance really allowed me to connect with my inner light in a way I completely did not expect. Thank you, Sophie."

Tatyana, Painter





Open to artists, creatives, or anybody looking to expand their vision - we are all the creators of our lives! 

Hypnosis is a brain state of deep relaxation that can induce a sense of ease, wellbeing and deeper sleep afterwards. It also connects us to our subconscious mind which is the part of ourselves that can access answers, clarity and creativity. 

In this session, we will connect with our inner creative source, followed by a short embodiment exercise to anchor in these sensations for long-lasting effects.

- These sessions are currently available Online as 1:1 sessions or in Online Workshops. -


                                   'Transformation Station'

Both as 1:1 and Group format. If you book before Christmas it's 10% off : )

3-month Online journey for creatives! Movement, hypnosis, body-mind tools for expanding and EMBODYING your creative vision and creative confidence! Motivation, vibration, transmutation, transformation! We will set intentions for our time together, and together, we will make it happen!

Community Discord for mutual exchange, support, inspiration!

Email for full PDF and any questions : )

Begin Group: February 8th 2024

Begin 1:1: Available now!





(digital) Dance Movement Therapist, Dance and Performance Artist, Movement Director

Movement has always been my way of expressing myself, understanding and relating to the world. Through my creative practice, many years of experience of different somatic movement techniques and encounters with spiritual guides across the world, I have come to appreciate the relationship between body and mind and believe these to be inseparable when looking at mental health, ways of being, self-exploration and transformation.


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Previous 'Mindful Mutations' Workshops and Activations:


Joyspace Berlin Summer Party 2022

I am part of JOYSPACE. We are a collective of healing arts practitioners and creatives and a community activation space for shared healing and imagining of other ways of being, living and expanding, largely inspired by quantum principles (that state that if many people focus on the same goal, it amplifies). We host workshops, sessions and yearly summer parties with pop-ups to sample the sessions, meet the practitioners and learn more about holistic experiences in general. For our next open day follow: @joyspace_berlin







'Mindful Mutations' at Avalanche Crypto Conference, Flughafen Tempelhof, 2022

This was a collaboration with Joyspace Berlin. We created a special, mindful space for the event attendees as a space for recharge and relaxation, including a combination of holistic practices such as yoga, movement, reiki, EightOS and seated massages. These experiences can be booked for your event too! Get in touch.


'Mindful Mutations' Sessions for Somerset House, London, 2022

These were 2-part guided audio and movement Online sessions for the artist residents of 'AMPLIFY 2022' femme artist programme

Movement and Mind at the MIND Foundation Berlin, 2019

This was a 3hr mindful mutations movement workshop combining current neuroscientific movement theory and practice, including a sonic movement journey with soundscape provided by Oblinof. 

The MIND Foundation is a non-profit science and education organization that promotes psychedelic research and therapy. Their work builds on the neurobiological and psychological potential of psychedelics to improve mental health and well-being in a clinical setting, for which the scientific base is firmly growing. 

Deeptalk with Sophie Mars - Mindful Mutations and Dance movement therapy, 2020

About the workshop:

This was an introduction to my practice as well as to the field of dance movement therapy, including a movement quiz: which movements trigger which emotions? What does your ‘resting pose’ say about you? And a guided mindful mutation movement session followed by a Q & A and discussion. 
About Deeptalk/w: Deeptalk/w is a community and event series based in Berlin focusing on providing free resources and reducing the stigma around mental health.


Movement and Mind with EDGE, 2020

About the workshop: Hoping to update your software in time for Spring? Looking to understand more about how your body can reprogramme your mind? Meet Sophie Mars, (digital) dance movement therapist, dance artist and body researcher. In her interactive online workshop you’ll be able to explore and learn more about your body-mind connection. Join if you’re curious about the neuroscience of dance therapy and current theories on virtual empathy and phenomenology. It will include a mix of description and physical exercises. 

About EDGE: Edge is a non-profit charity and community of artists and neuroscientists focussed on blurring the border between art and neuroscience and bridging the divide between the lab and the outside world. 

Fluid Systems Resonance - Sophie Mars and Francesca Mariano, 2020

About the workshop: This workshop aimed at creating a dialogue between the body, water and digital space: fluid bodies - fluid landscapes - fluid networks. How can a closer connection with nature enable a closer connection within this digital system? When looking at the internet network as a fluid system, what works and what doesn’t? What blocks do we encounter in each of these systems? How do the three systems interact and what can we learn from each of them to feed into the other? How can we create new digital systems? What effects has extensive zooming had on our bodies and what can we learn from it? How can that peace and connection we feel near fluid natural spaces also be felt online? Together let’s examine this new corporal-digital-ecology. 




'Mindful Mutations ' Dance therapy Workshops with women in refugee centres throughout Berlin in collaboration with charity organisations AWO and Diakonisches Werk

These were workshops designed to offer strength, community, resilience, care, support and joy.



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Individual Sessions:

These sessions are tailored to you and your specific interests and needs. They are a surreal, creative and safe space for you to listen to your body and express yourself. I offer you guides and prompts and different techniques to deepen the experience, always beginning and ending with verbal exchange. They are a combination of movement, meditation and hypnosis. Mindful Mutations is a trauma-informed practice. 


I offer taster sessions to get to know one another. If you choose to continue, I offer:

+monthly journey's (online or offline) with one session per week. This includes continuous access to me during this time for exchange, support and inspiration. These can be extended as you wish.

+2hr 'deep dives' on a specific topic of your choice for clarity and deeper connection to self 

In this process we will:

+Come up with an overall structure for what we would like to work on together
+Explore different topics that you bring to the session
+Explore topics that come up during the session
+Explore both through the body and in words
+Explore specific tools to continue alone
+Explore both the rational and irrational mind 

Movement OR Hypnosis can also be booked separately if interested.

Group Sessions:

Keep an eye out for my next group sessions. I offer FREE pop-up sessions once a month. These are 30min guided mindful mutations movement sessions including the central aspects of this practice followed by a short Q & A where I answer any questions you might have. Stay updated about these by signing up to my newsletter and following me on instagram.  


Taster session: 80€

2-hr deep dive: 99€

One-month journey: 299€

Flexible pricing available, finances should not be a barrier to accessing these sessions. If you have a committed interest in this practice, please contact me. 

Do I need any previous movement experience?

No, 'Mindful Mutations' is intended as a guide for you to explore your own way of moving and your own body-mind experience. I guide you into your inner world through specific tools, improvisation and listening to your body's individual way of discovering and mutating. 

Who is it for?

Mindful mutations is for everyone, with a particular focus on creatives. It can be particularly beneficial when:

-looking to experience expanded feelings of pleasure, joy, calm, grounding or flow

-going through mental or emotional imbalances

-wanting to feel more connected to the body, oneself and the present moment

You don't need to be in crisis to benefit from this practice. Regular body-mind practice prevents the accumulation of tension. Don't wait for a system crash : ) 



                                Movement Direction

I offer movement direction for fashion events, music videos, advertisements, creative projects and more!

Movement Direction for HYDRA and Trippen Launch event at Trippen Concept Store, Berlin, 2019

Movement Direction for Adidas Xchange Launch Event in collaboration with KEIKEN and George Jasper Stone, Berlin, 2020


No previous movement experience necessary


feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I look forward to moving with you!